SILC alumni & faculty testimonials

Erik Nilsen, Executive Director, Baseball Assistance Team-Major League Baseball (Fall '17 Student)

“I have seen great improvement in myself, my staff and I can’t stress enough how important SILC has been for my growth and the growth of my organization.  I have learned so much from the engaged faculty, collaborating weekly with students and all of the materials that have been implemented immediately into my day to day operations... I [also] received good advice during the capstone project in regards to fundraising ideas and saw donations increase from $2.8M to $3.3M.” 

T-Neisha Tate, Director of Programs, Jacksonville Jaguars (Spring '18 Student)

"My overall experience was amazing.  The SILC staff, instructors, and other participants were all knowledgeable and engaging.  The program content was great and practical.  This program should be a requirement of all incoming managers working either in Community Relations or the Foundation of any professional sports club." 

Kathy Bihr, VP of Programs & Education, TGR Foundation (Faculty)

“It's amazing to watch students go through the program and leverage one another and the instructors to make important change for themselves and their organizations... {SILC] is a great way for you to network with your peers working in sports and philanthropy.”

Brian Kitts, Co-Founder & President, You Can Play (Spring '18 Student)


"I have taught a lot of classes and participated in a lot of leadership development programs.  SILC affected me in a way that I hadn't expected.  I was deeply moved  by the commitment of those in the class - something I think we often take for granted.  This course provided a sense of camaraderie that I appreciate and, honestly, made me feel a renewed commitment to my own organization." 

Jennifer Dobossy, MPA, Sports Philanthropy Advisor (Fall '17 Student)

“SILC is a rite of passage and qualifier within the industry – a wise choice in order to be valid and relevant... The Capstone experience is incredible. My advisor pushed me out of my comfort zone on a goal that was specific to my own career development.  I had the support of outstanding faculty and world class advisors.”

d'Alary Dalton, CEO and Founder, Sol Soccer Club (Fall '17 Student)

“In a very short amount of time, SILC has had an enormous impact on my organization, my effectiveness as a leader and it is having direct impact on the girls in my program.  Through networking, mentoring and coursework, I now have invaluable tools and resources and feel fortunate to have had this opportunity.”

Jenny Miller, Executive Director, Steve Nash Foundation (Faculty)

“SILC elevates the standards for everyone working in sports impact, and establishes a unified voice for those working to advance the field.”

Sue Petersen, Executive Director, Giants Community Fund (Faculty)

“SILC is important because it provides perspective about how you are doing compared to others.”

Kristine Burton, VP, Garden of Dreams Foundation, Madison Square Garden (Faculty)

“SILC is an opportunity to become a leader.  No matter what age you are or where you’re from, leadership is important and SILC sets you ahead on the right path.”